CfP: Regional Epigraphic Cultures across the Ancient Globe – Panel at Classical Association Annual Conference (Swansea 2020) – Deadline 7 August 2019

Dear colleagues,

 We invite contributions to a panel proposal to be submitted for consideration for the Classical Association Conference 2020 (Swansea, 17–20 April)


Regional Epigraphic Cultures across the Ancient Globe

 Panel convenors: Ilaria Bultrighini and Irene Salvo

Deadline for abstracts: 7 August 2019

Inscriptions can be defined as a wide range of text-bearing objects, rock surfaces, and monuments, and are invaluable sources for our understanding of ancient socio-cultural history. According to their provenance, inscriptions can show peculiarities in their linguistic and material characteristics. “Epigraphic habits” are the result of the combination of local identities with the plurality of exchanges within as well as between different ancient macro- and micro-regions of the ancient world. Moreover, epigraphic practices could travel from and to geographically distant regions.  

 This panel aims to explore patterns of regionalism, interconnections, and variability in the epigraphic production of the strongly interrelated ancient world across the Mediterranean, Europe, and southwestern Asia. We are interested in inscriptions written in Greek and Latin as well as in other Indo-European and Semitic languages, without excluding language isolates such as Etruscan.  

 We are seeking papers that engage with the following themes as emerging from the analysis of inscriptions from the Eurasiatic region within a broad chronological framework ranging from the Late Bronze Age to Late Antiquity: 

·       Regional features; 

·       Bilingualism and multilingualism; 

·       Processes of cultural influence; 

·       Cultural interactions; 

·       Continuity of local identities and traditions in areas where a conquering culture comes in, e.g. during the Roman Empire; 

·       Institutional aspects; 

·       Contextualised religious mentalities; 

·       Pluralism in expressions of material cultures.  

Papers dealing with “off-the-beaten path” and peripheral regions, such as Eastern Europe and the Caucasian region, are particularly welcome. 

We invite PhD students, early career researchers, and established academics to submit abstracts of no more than 300 words for 20-minute papers by Wednesday, 7 August 2019 to Ilaria Bultrighini ( Irene Salvo ( 

If the panel will be approved by the Classical Association organising committee, we plan to apply for funding in order to provide financial support to PhD students and ECR with their conference expenses. 

With best wishes,

Ilaria Bultrighini (ICS, London)

Irene Salvo (Göttingen)
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Attic Inscriptions Online Updated

Along with new editions and translations published on Attic Inscriptions Online – including new volumes in the series Attic Inscriptions in UK Collections, new editions of the five sets of post-Sullan decrees honouring ephebes with accompanying AIO Paper, annotated translations of dedications by Attic associations, early 5th-cent. decrees, and Hellenistic decrees from Rhamnous – AIO has also released an API and launched a crowdfunding campaign.

For a list of the 58 translations newly added see Publication 1 July 2019.

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PhD position in Ancient History at the Universität Heidelberg (Germany)

for more information see (english) / (german)

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Epigraphic Heritage in the Digital Age, Madrid, 20-21 June 2019

The Epigraphic Heritage in the Digital Age: Recording, Analysing and Socialisation

Complutense University, Madrid, 20-21 June 2019



9:00 Inauguración del Congreso

9:20 Manuel Ramírez Sánchez (Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria):
“El oficio de epigrafista hoy: competencias básicas y avanzadas en epigrafía digital”.
9:40 Silvia Orlandi (Sapienza Università di Roma):
“Digital projects in epigraphy: research needs, technical possibilities and funding problems”.
10:00 Javier Andreu Pintado (Universidad de Navarra):
“Vinum uetus in utres nouos: experiencias investigadoras y de mediación en materia de epigrafía digital”.
10:20 Cristina de la Escosura Balbás (Universidad de Zaragoza):
“Innovación docente y epigrafía digital: un caso de estudio”.
10:40 Rosario Cebrián Fernández (Universidad Complutense):
“El papel de la epigrafía en la divulgación arqueológica”.
11:00 Discusión Continue reading

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GEPHYRA 17, 2019 Published

GEPHYRA 17, 2019
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Greek epigraphic abbreviations

Posted on behalf of Robert Parker:

Abbreviations list for Greek epigraphic collections and corpora

The ‘Committee of 10’ directed by Denis Rousset and Thomas Corsten that has been at work for some while on drafting what it is hoped may become a standard list of abbreviations for Greek epigraphic collections and corpora is now seeking feedback from the epigraphic community on a draft list.
Both a letter from the two directors that lays out the remit and goal of the task group and the draft list itself can be read on (and in the latter case also downloaded from) the British Epigraphy Society’s website:

Please send any comments and suggestions you may have to me (I am serving as a member of the group on behalf of LGPN), by 10 July, by e-mail:

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3rd workshop programme

The 3rd workshop will take place at the University of Vienna from Thursday, 30th May to Saturday, 1st June. At the very end of the attached programme (pages 4-5) you can find a map and a plan of the University campus, which will help you to reach the workshop venue.

More information is available on the website:

Evening lecture: On Friday evening, right after the workshop, our colleague Giulia Sarullo will give a lecture on “The Forum Cippus and its copies”. You find the poster in attachment.

For any questions contact Chiara Cenati

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Bologna EpiDoc Workshop 2019

27-31 maggio

Programme and venue

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Epigraphic Summerschool SAXA LOQVVNTVR Inscribed Monuments from Friuli Aquileia 19th-24th August 2019

For more information & programme see here

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«Le vie come pagine scritte»

Incontro di studio del progetto Epigraphic Landscape of Athens (ELA)

Torino, 27-28 maggio 2019

Flyer and full programme at the project website.

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Produzioni artigianali in area adriatica: manufatti, ateliers e attori (III sec. a.C. – V sec. d.C.)

Bologna – 23-25 maggio 2019

La tavola rotonda annuale organizzata in seno al progetto ‘AdriAtlas’ – Atlante digitalizzato dell’Adriatico antico’ si incentra per il 2019 sulla tematica della produzione artigianale e manifatturiera, declinata in quattro principali linee di indagine:

  • localizzazione delle produzioni: città, suburbio, vici, ville;
  • strutture e ambienti della produzione, ateliers;
  • attori della produzione;
  • organizzazione della produzione.

Il colloquio ha, tra i suoi scopi, quello di far luce sulle differenti modalità produttive sviluppate in contesti geografici gravitanti sull’Adriatico e quello di fornire un quadro aggiornato del fenomeno produttivo e delle sue interazioni con gli altri soggetti del tessuto economico.

Sessione epigrafica: 23 maggio, pomeriggio

The annual meeting of the project ‘AdriAtlas – Digital Atlas of Ancient Adriatic’ is focused on manufacturing and artisanal production. The main lines of research are:

  • production sites: cities, suburbs, viciand villas;
  • productive structures and workshops;
  • craftsmen;
  • production organisation.

The main goals of the Conference are to enlighten the different production processes in geographic contexts around the Adriatic sea and to give an updated state of research on productions and their interactions with the other players of the economic pattern.

Special focus on inscriptions: May 23, afternoon session


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Essere sempre il migliore. Concorsi e gare nella Napoli antica

International Congress – Naples, May 15-17, 2019


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