Associations and lists

A few epigraphic mailing or discussion lists, and associations with large epigraphic membership, that might be useful if you need to get news to large numbers of epigraphists, or follow for announcements of conferences etc.

Membership Associations:

  • AIEGL (Association Internationale d’Épigraphie Grecque et Latine)
  • ASGLE (American Society for Greek and Latin Epigraphy)
  • BES (British Epigraphy Society)
  • Greek Epigraphic Society
  • IDEA (International Digital Epigraphy Association)
  • LERN (Libyan Epigraphy Research Network)
  • SFER (Société française d’études épigraphiques sur Rome)
  • SITEG (Sito Italiano di Epigrafia Greca)
  • Terra Italia Onlus

Email lists:

  • EnCoWS (Encoding Complex Writing Systems)
  • Inscriptiones-L (“The Epigraphy List”: Yahoogroup run by David Meadows)
  • Libyan Epigraphy discussion group
  • Markup (for discussion of epigraphic and papyrological markup, EpiDoc, TEI, etc.)