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Attic Inscriptions Online updated

Published today: The third volume of Attic Inscriptions in UK Collections, AIUK 3 (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge), including (section 3) a general introduction to private Attic funerary monuments. More lightly annotated translations, Greek texts and images of the inscriptions are available on … Continue reading

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Attic Inscriptions Online updated

85 new translations of Attic inscriptions published today! The new issue includes dedications from the cave of Apollo on the north face of the Acropolis, together with decrees honouring wealthy Athenian benefactors of the later fourth century BC.

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Summer school in Epigrafia greca

Il Dipartimento di Studi Storici dell’Università di Torino promuove la prima edizione della propria Summer School in Epigrafia Greca che si terrà ad Atene nei giorni 4 – 12 giugno 2018. Il progetto si realizza grazie alla sinergia tra il Dipartimento … Continue reading

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Call for papers: Graphic Display. Form and Meaning in Greek and Latin Writing

Annual Meeting of the Society for Classical Studies, San Diego, CA, January 3-6, 2019 Paula Perlman and Cristina Carusi (The University of Texas at Austin), organizers A growing number of digitized photographs and squeezes of inscribed and painted Greek and … Continue reading

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International Spring School – Göttingen

The Material Dimension of Religions: Transcultural Approaches to Epigraphical and Archaeological Sources from Antiquity to the Middle Ages   The Material Dimension of Religions Spring School is aimed at graduate students and intends to examine theories and methods of investigating … Continue reading

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Axon – Iscrizioni storiche greche

Forwarded on behalf of Stefania De Vido (, to whom enquiries should be addressed: È uscito per le Edizioni Ca’ Foscari il primo numero della Rivista ‘AXON. Iscrizioni storiche greche’, liberamente scaricabile al link: I contributi della Rivista sono collegati alle … Continue reading

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XXIIème Rencontre Franco-Italienne sur l’Épigraphie du Monde Romain

Pratiques du grec dans l’épigraphie d’Occident. Contextes, origines, pratiques culturelles. Autun, 22-24 Juin 2017 PROGRAMME-XXIIeRENCONTRE-AUTUN

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Research fellowship on “Venice Squeeze Project: Digital library of epigraphic squeezes open access” – Department of Humanities at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

The project aims at the creation of an online digital collection (2D and 3D) of the paper squeezes of Greek inscriptions preserved at the Greek Epigraphy Laboratory (DSU) through the collaboration with the program E-STAMPAGES (M. Brunet, Lyon II CNRS-EFA) … Continue reading

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Summer School in Advanced Tools for Digital Humanities and IT

The event is organized by the Centre for Excellence in the Humanities to the University of Sofia, Bulgaria, with lecturers and trainers from the School of Advanced Studies to the University of London and the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. … Continue reading

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Silvio Panciera. In memoria di un maestro

Rome, 21 March, 2017. Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Antichità, Museo dell’Arte Classica. Odeion. Programme of the event in memoriam.

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