Just out: F. Aura Jorro, M. Del Freo, J. Piquero, The Legacy of Michael Ventris

The Legacy of Michael Ventris. Progress and perspectives in the field of Aegean scripts and Mycenaean studies, Incunabula Graeca CVIII, ed. by F. Aura Jorro, M. Del Freo, J. Piquero

Quoting from: https://www.ispc.cnr.it/en/2019/04/01/incunabula-graeca-1-1961-108-2023/

This volume, published with the contribution of the Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovacion y Universidades (Spain), brings together 14 contributions on the impact that the decipherment of the Linear B script had on the study of the origins of Greek civilisation and is divided into three sections: one on Linear B and other Aegean scripts, one on Mycenaean Greek, and one on Mycenaean documents as historical sources. In the first section, some unresolved questions concerning Aegean writing systems are discussed; in the second section, Mycenaean Greek is analysed in the light of its phonetic, morphological, syntactic and lexical characteristics with particular reference to its relations with the Greek dialects of the 1st millennium BC; finally, the contributions in the third section focus on the relevance of Linear B documents for the reconstruction of the social, religious and material history of Greece in the Late Bronze Age.

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