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L’Année épigraphique 2020

Mireille Corbier (, directeur de L’Année épigraphique, fait savoir que L’Année épigraphique 2020 (1720 notices et 1043 pages dont 234 pages d’index) a été publiée en août 2023 et est disponible. Les commandes doivent être adressées aux Presses Universitaires de … Continue reading

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Digital Epigraphy vacancy, Maynooth, Ireland

The OG(H)AM project, based in Maynooth (near Dublin), Ireland is currently advertising a 9-month research position from 1 Nov 2023, focusing on encoding ogham inscriptions (IRL & UK) using EpiDoc for a database (EXist-db) on ogham. The work will probably … Continue reading

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CfP: Voiceless writing? Epigrams, performance and oral poetry

Università di Bologna, FICLIT, 30th-31st May 2024 (posted on behalf of the organizers, Flavia Licciardello and Stella Sacchetti) Whereas the most recent debate on epigrams focused on their relationship with their material context (see e.g. Petrovic-Petrovic-Thomas 2019), in our workshop … Continue reading

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International Digital Epigraphy Association small grants

IDEA call for small grants 2023 is now open. Also this year IDEA  will be able to support up to two 1.000 EUR grants and the deadline to submit your proposals is September 17th, 2023. The grant will be assigned … Continue reading

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