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Epigraphic Database Heidelberg – survey

Dear user of EDH, hereby we’re going to start a series of short surveys about the handling of the search options of EDH ( We’d be particularly grateful if you would be willing to spend a few minutes in order … Continue reading

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Help with reading Greek inscription

David Meadows posted the following call for help reading the scratched inscription on an ossuary in Jerusalem. Can any epigraphically trained readers help decipher the Greek letters? (We’ve help crowdsourced readings and e-seminars before, so I’m hopeful our readers have … Continue reading

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Stamp Query

I’ve received the above picture of a stamp with the following query: When I was on a trip to Petra, Jordan, I happened to find an object that looks like a lead (bronze?) stamp. It bears an inscription in letters … Continue reading

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Peculiar symbol in Hellenistic inscription

The images show a strange (at least to me) symbol that appears in a Hellenistic inscription I’m working on. These are tomography images of an inscription on bronze; the right one shows a tracing of the symbol to make it … Continue reading

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Query: History of Phoenician-Punic Epigraphy

Philip Schmitz writes: I have been asked to prepare a chapter on the history of Phoenician-Punic epigraphy for a volume honoring an important contributor to the field. I would like to include details of human interest pertaining to significant scholars … Continue reading

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A Census of Digital Epigraphy

Dear colleagues and friends: (Apologies for cross-postings to lists. Please feel free to forward to colleagues, students and other discussion fora.) Please send me ( information about digital projects, publications and computer-aided research in epigraphy. This information will be used … Continue reading

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Epigraphic ligature for VI?

Over on the Markup list (for discussion of text markup issues) we have been discussing the ligature of VI that appears in some Latin inscriptions. I asked: We have come across several cases in the Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania of … Continue reading

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Inscriptions on the Antikythera Mechanism (1)

This is the first of two posts arising from recent and ongoing work (some of which I’ve been involved in) on the Antikythera Mechanism. Two installments of this project have been published in Nature, in 2006 and 2008. For a … Continue reading

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More fragments from the Diogenes inscription at Oionanda?

Via Mondo Archeologia Glaucopide alerts us to a terse news item from ANSA: In Licia iscrizioni II secolo dc (with obscure photo; here via Yahoo). It reports the discovery, by an unnamed “team of archaeologists” in Lycia, of 26 fragments … Continue reading

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Inscriptions as Evidence for Language and Dialect in Ancient Macedonia

Last Saturday, Daniel Tompkins started an interesting discussion on the Classics-L list by asking: What was the language of the ancient Macedonians? … I’d be very interested in hearing about epigraphic remains in geographic Macedonia, and in analyses of them, … Continue reading

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Dacian inscriptions with Greek graphemes from Gradistea Muncelului – Sarmizegetusa-Regia

In a recent post to inscriptiones-l, B. Alexandru sought contact with other scholars regarding letter shapes in ancient greek alphabets. The context: current work on “some dacian incisions with greek graphemes made on numerous stone blocks from the archeologicall site … Continue reading

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Seeking Sabazius

In a recent post to inscriptiones-l, Gil Renberg asks: I am wondering whether anyone has a list of Latin and Greek dedications to Jupiter/Zeus Sabazius published since the appearance of CCIS. I am working on a restoration of a Latin … Continue reading

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