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Inscribed Roman Altar from Dalheim

David Meadows alerts us to the reports of a newly discovered Roman altar from the archaeological work at Dalheim in Luxembourg: Following previous archaelogical discoveries at the Dalheim dig (see, another artefact has been discovered. The site of the … Continue reading

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A Census of Digital Epigraphy

Dear colleagues and friends: (Apologies for cross-postings to lists. Please feel free to forward to colleagues, students and other discussion fora.) Please send me ( information about digital projects, publications and computer-aided research in epigraphy. This information will be used … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Columna rostrata

Stephen Chrisomalis has posted on his blog Glossographia some thoughts on (and an image of) the “Elogium of Gaius Duilius” from Rome.

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A New Epigraphy Blog

(reblogged from Ancient World Bloggers Group): Here’s a hearty welcome to the blogosphere for Marion Lamé, whose Épigraphie en réseau debuts with a post entitled “The Athenian Tribute Lists, A First Bibliography.” She describes the blog thus: Modeler l’informatique aux … Continue reading

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Here is the latest news from the American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy: – CALL FOR PAPERS, 2010 ASGLE Joint APA/AIA Panel, Orange County (Anaheim), CA January 6-9, 2010 (Wed. – Sat.) Greek and Latin Inscriptions: New Discoveries, organizers: … Continue reading

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Marcus Nonius Macrinus: the evidence

Over at Bread and Circuses, Adrian Murdoch rounds up the (epigraphic) evidence for M. Nonius Macrinus, whose monumental tomb was recently discovered north of Rome and who supposedly inspired the main character in that Ridley Scott film from 8 years … Continue reading

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Survey results in Boubon (Cibyratis, northern Lycia)

From Christina Kokkinia: Survey results in Boubon (Cibyratis, northern Lycia) 2004-2006. This website offers a preliminary presentation of the results of three survey campaigns conducted in Boubon and its territory in 2004-2006 as part of the Cibyratis Project of the … Continue reading

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More British Epigraphic seminars

Following on from the earlier partial summary—seminars that may be of interest to epigraphers: University of Exeter, Classics, Oct 30, 2008, 16:00 Barbara Borg (Exeter) What’s in a Tomb? Roman Death Public and Private University of Exeter, Classics, Nov 6, … Continue reading

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L’Année Épigraphique 2005

Just circulated via AEIGL: Mireille CORBIER fait savoir que L’Année épigraphique 2005 est sortie au Mois d’août 2008 et peut être commandée à la maison d’édition Presses Universitaires de France 6 avenue Reille 75685 Paris Cedex Une remise de … Continue reading

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Theoroi and Initiates in Samothrace: The Epigraphical Evidence

Charles Watkinson sends word of a new publication from the American School of Classical Studies in Athens: Theoroi and Initiates in Samothrace: The Epigraphical Evidence, by Nora M. Dimitrova. 208 pp., 132 b/w figs (Hesperia Suppl. 37, ASCSA 2008) ISBN … Continue reading

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Epigraphic ligature for VI?

Over on the Markup list (for discussion of text markup issues) we have been discussing the ligature of VI that appears in some Latin inscriptions. I asked: We have come across several cases in the Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania of … Continue reading

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Epigraphic titles received by BMCR

From BMCR 2008.10.1 (but not actually available for review): Cooper, Craig (ed.). Epigraphy and the Greek historian. Phoenix supplementary volume, 47. Toronto; Buffalo: University of Toronto Press, 2008. xvii, 197 p. $75.00. ISBN 9780802090690. Still available from September 2008 (and … Continue reading

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