Epigraphy of the Aegean Islands (Paros, June 23–July 6, 2024)

This course aims at introducing the participants to the study of Greek inscriptions from the Archaic Period to the Roman times with an emphasis on the inscriptions of the Aegean Islands.

Students will have the opportunity to become familiar with the nature of epigraphic documents, will be introduced to the expertise required in the field of Greek epigraphy and will understand how inscriptions are invaluable documents for the knowledge of Ancient History. The course will have a strong on-site element as the students will be asked to study and copy the stones that record ancient Greek inscriptions. A prior knowledge of Ancient Greek is strongly recommended.

The program will start on the island of Paros where classes will take place both at the archaeological museum of Paros, on site outdoors and in the classroom. A day trip to Antiparos and Despotiko is scheduled. Throughout the program, students will have the opportunity to swim in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea and engage in constructive recreation.

From Paros we shall all travel as a group by ferry boat and the program will continue and end with a four day stay in Athens, where the students will pay visits with expert guidance to the Epigraphical Museum of Athens which houses the largest collection of Ancient Greek Inscriptions worldwide. In Athens, students will also have time to explore the city and visit archaeological sites on their own.

Application: https://www.herc.gr/the-epigraphy-of-the-aegean-islands-paros/

Application Deadline: 30 April 2024

Experience Required: None, but preference will be given to those with a background in the Classics and Ancient History/Archaeology

Academic Credit: Upon completion of the program, HERC issues an Academic Transcript for those students who have taken a final exam. Credit is offered by participant’s home institution.

Recommended credits: 4

Program Fee: 2,500 Euros (includes tuition, accommodation and field trips)

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