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Review of Flügel, Spätantike Arztinschriften

Reviewed in BMCR 2007.09.49: Christian Flügel, Spätantike Arztinschriften als Spiegel des Einflusses des Christentums auf die Medizin. Beihefte zum Göttinger Forum für Altertumswissenschaft Band 20. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2006. Pp. 410. ISBN 978-3-89744-258-0. €59.00. Reviewed by Thomas J. Kraus, … Continue reading

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Seminars of interest to epigraphers: Liverpool

Exerpted from the email announcement. Will update as and when more details of the Epigraphy North seminars appear. Liverpool Classical Research Seminar School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology All seminars are held on Tuesdays at 4.30pm in the Bosanquet Seminar … Continue reading

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D.M. Peter Fraser

It is with sadness that I pass on the unhappy news that Peter Fraser, Greek epigrapher and architect of the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names, died in the morning of Saturday 15 September. His funeral will take place at Oxford … Continue reading

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Epigraphic panel at FIEC 2009

As circulated to the AIEGL mailing list, the call for proposals for the 2009 FIEC (Fédération Internationale des Associations d’Études Classiques) conference, to be held in Berlin, 24-27 Aug 2009, includes an organiser panel on “Epigraphical Documents: Reflection of Reality … Continue reading

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Epigraphy and the Information Technology Revolution

Prof. S. Panciera (Rome) in his introductory remarks expresses his willingness and enthusiasm in embracing the IT Revolution and applying it to the study of inscriptions. At the same time, however, he shows frustration and disappointment for the slowness with … Continue reading

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Seminars of interest to epigraphers: Manchester

The following seminar titles, selected by title only for potential epigraphic content, exerpted from an email to the British Classicists list: University of Manchester, Dept of Classics & Ancient History Research Seminars 2007/8, Semester 1 All meetings begin at 5 … Continue reading

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CIEGL XIII: Plenary Session 4, ‘Epigraphy and Government’

John Ma (Corpus Christi College, Oxford), “Greek Epigraphy and the Representation of Authority”, offered a refreshingly ‘outside the box’ lecture revolving around the intricate ways inscriptions represent authority. Authority in inscriptions may be specified (the demos, the body politic, the … Continue reading

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CIEGL XIII: Thematic panel 2.3, ‘The Epigraphy of Macedonia’

M. B. Hatzopoulos (Research Centre for Greek and Roman Antiquity, Athens), “An Old and New Inscription from Mieza: the Constitution of Extensive Landed Properties in the Central Macedonian Plain and the Question of λαοί in Hellenistic Macedonia” dealt with the … Continue reading

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Review of Marek, Inschriften von Kaunos

In BMCR 2007.09.11 is a review of: Christian Marek (ed.), Die Inschriften von Kaunos. Vestigia, 55.   München:  C.H. Beck, 2006.  Pp. 416; ills. 240, maps 3.  ISBN 978-3-406-55074-4.  €100.70. Reviewed by Filippo Canali De Rossi, Rome The review of this … Continue reading

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CIEGL XIII, Plenary Session 5: ‘Display and Paedagogy’

Susan Walker (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) introduced this session with some remarks about the difficulties involved in persuading administrators to take the display of inscriptions seriously, especially within a large museum environment such as the British Museum. Yet both papers sounded … Continue reading

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CIEGL XIII, Thematic Panel 3.1: ‘Athenian Religion and Society’

Julia Shear (University of Glasgow), “Herakleitos of Athmonon, Antigonos Gonatas, and the Panathenaia”, discussed the Athenian decree honouring Herakleitos of Athmonon, IG II(2) 677 (early 250’s BC). She argued, not entirely convincingly, that while most Hellenistic kings were allowed to … Continue reading

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Giulia Baratta (Universita’ di Macerata, Italy) – “L’Epigrafia nei contesti archeologici”

Giulia Baratta focused her attention on the marginal role and inadequacy that affect inscriptions in museums and archaeological sites. An average tourist is resonably more attracted by a monument, in particular if iconographically rich, than an inscribed stone written in an … Continue reading

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