Just out: J.T. Killen (ed.), The New Documents in Mycenaean Greek

Quotation from https://www.classics.cam.ac.uk/news/publication-new-documents-mycenaean-greek:

The Faculty of Classics is proud to announce the publication of The New Documents in Mycenaean Greek, edited by John Killen FBA, the Emeritus Professor of Mycenaean Greek. More than a dozen leading Mycenologists have contributed chapters and sections to this seminal work in two volumes, comprised of more than 1100 pages and covering practically all aspects of Mycenaean studies. The first volume covers the archaeological and historical context, the discovery and decipherment of Linear B, the Syllabic writing systems of the Aegean, the documents themselves and the Mycenaean Greek language, society and economy in all its aspects. The second volume is dedicated to the translation interpretation and commentary of more than three hundred Linear B tablets, organised thematically, and also contains a complete and up-to-date glossary of Mycenaean Greek. This magnum opus is the final product of many years’ work and the culmination of a most eminent scholarly career in the field of Mycenaean studies at Cambridge, spanning more than 60 years.

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