Diocletian workshop: January 30th, Athens

The British School at Athens
invites you to a colloquium on:
Diocletian’s Prices Edict: Genesis and Diffusion
to honour Joyce M. Reynolds on her 90th birthday
at 10.00 on Friday, January 30th
Upper House, 52 Odos Souedias

Opening Remarks


Mr. Robert Pitt (BSA), An introduction to the Greek fragments of the Prices Edict
Dr. Erkki Sironen (University of Helsinki), Greek Scripts in the Context of the Edict of Diocletian

Coffee Break


Dr. Benet Salway (UCL), The Slave chapter of the Edict
Dr. Amelia Brown (ASCSA), Diocletian’s Inscriptions as Proof of Peloponnesian Civic Life
Prof. Michael Crawford (UCL), The Edict in Context

Closing Remarks and a buffet lunch reception

For further information contact Robert Pitt (assistant.director@bsa.ac.uk)

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