Digital tools for the research and study of ancient writing cultures (MOOC)

We are very pleased to announce the publication of the open online course ‘Digital tools for the research and study of ancient writing cultures’ on the dariahTeach platform (in collaboration with Dariah Teach, part of DARIAH ERIC), as the final result of our ENCODE outputs:

The course includes user-friendly training materials of various digital applications related to the study, research, preservation, and display of cultural heritage such as ancient written artefacts. It consists of 4 units (with multiple lessons, exercises and references to digital and other resources):

I. ‘Digital Greek and Latin Epigraphy’ provides an overview of digital tools for the study of Greek and Latin inscriptions, including ongoing projects and teaching methodologies
II. ‘Digital Papyrology’ covers the fundamental principles of papyrology and demonstrates how digital techniques have transformed the field
III. ‘Multilingual-Multicultural Digital Infrastructures’ offers insights into the interplay between language, culture, and digital infrastructures, based on the many digital corpora and resources which focus on ancient languages
IV: ‘How to create Linked Open Data (LOD)?’ presents examples of how Linked Data can be used in the study of ancient written artefacts

We invite you all to try out the ENCODE course (to enhance your digital competences in the study of ancient writing cultures), use it as course or training material, and send us your feedback!

The ENCODE project team

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