Postgraduate Course in Epigraphy, Rome, June 27th–July 6th 2024

(Posted on behalf of Courtney Quaintance.)

We are delighted to announce the Sixth Postgraduate Course in Epigraphy at the British School at Rome, June 27th  – July 6th 2024

Based at the British School at Rome, this taught course offers a nine-day introduction to the scholarship, publication and display of epigraphic materials from a variety of different approaches. Intended for postgraduate scholars of ancient history, archaeology, museum studies and the classics, the course examines the numerous contexts in which epigraphy is presented: in situ, museums, private collections, archives and in published formats (e.g. reference works and online databases). How do these contexts and the processes of documenting inscriptions shape our lens of perception? Experiencing epigraphy, in these different formats, is the best way to understand and address both the wonders and the difficulties of these sources.

The course consists of daily lectures, visits and practical activities at many of Rome’s museums, institutions and sites (including a trip to Ostia), with onsite instruction from leading professors and curators in the field. Practical activities such as drawing, squeezes, rubbings, object handling, a carving tutorial and a session at the CIL VI. (La Sapienza) are designed to provide unique hands-on interactions with sources, contexts and scholars in the field. Participants will also have an opportunity to further their own research through an independent project (generally a specific area of his/her epigraphic research) which will be developed during the course and presented in a short paper at the end of the course. Residence at the BSR includes accommodation (breakfast and dinner with residents from the BSR community), access to their collections (with 24-hour access to the library), and a year’s membership to the BSR.

Testimonials, reports and itineraries from previous courses, as well as an information pack for the 2024 course with details of how to apply, can be found on the BSR website:

Queries about the course can also be sent to:

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