ENCODE Conference and Training Event – Leuven

Posted on behalf of Tom Gheldof.

From November 2nd -5th, the Research Unit of Ancient History (KU Leuven) hosts an online conference and training workshop on Multilingual and Multicultural Digital Infrastructures for Ancient Written Artefacts. The conference and workshop are part of the Erasmus+ project ENCODE, which is aimed at bridging the existing gap in the teaching/learning domain of ancient writing cultures between the humanistic training and the essential digital competences required for study, research and employment.

The conference will take place on November 2nd and welcomes guest speakers James Cowey (Papyry.info), Kim Pham (MPIWG), Pascal Belouin (RISE & SHINE) and Matthew Munson (Formulae – Litterae – Chartae). Together with organisers Mark Depauw and Tom Gheldof (Trismegistos), they will explain the use and challenges of several digital infrastructures for the research on ancient texts. The full programme, abstracts and timing can be found here. Participation is free of charge, but registration via this link is mandatory.

During the training event from November 3th-5th, several experts on digital research infrastructures will give a workshop. The first day James Cowey (Universität Heidelberg) will learn participants to how to use Papyri.info for editing papyrological texts and Mark Depauw (KU Leuven) will introduce the central search interface of Trismegistos and its textual portals (TM Languages/Scripts and TM Words). The second day Irene Vagionakis (DiSCi, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna), Pietro Liuzzo (Universität Hamburg), Marta Fogagnolo (DiSCi, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna), Daria Elagina (Universität Hamburg) will focus on working with digital editions of multilingual sources in TEI. They will introduce participants to XML and TEI with the EpiDoc and Beta Masaheft examples. The third and final day, participants can explore corpus-based methods of learning ancient languages. Toon Van Hal and Reuben Pitts (KU Leuven) will present the multiple possibilities of Pedalion for Ancient Greek (including treebanking and word tools) and CEIPoM, a brand-new digital corpus of the epigraphic languages of ancient Italy (including Latin and the Sabellic languages).

Applying for the training workshop is possible until October 25th, but is limited to a maximum number of 20 participants. Interested and want to learn more about the program? You can find the full program and call for participation via this link.

If you have any questions about the conference or the workshop, please reach out to the local coordinator (Tom.Gheldof@kuleuven.be).

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