Research project on epigraphic spolia (Croatia)

The Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ) has recently funded a research project on epigraphic spolia titled „The new lives of ancient inscriptions: epigraphic spolia from the territory of central Dalmatia”. The project is led by Dino Demicheli (Department of archaeology, University of Zagreb) and on the project are also included scholars from several other scientific and museum institutions from Croatia and Italy.

The project started in January 2020 and it will last to December 2023. Some of the main project goals are:

– to document all the epigraphic monuments in central Dalmatia (both, in situ and those exposed in museums, collections etc.) which have been attested as spolia;

– to identify to which extent and for what purpose the epigraphic monuments were exploited in reuse and to make the classification of spolia according to the types of use;

– to conduct four archaeological campaigns of Salonitan city walls in search for spolia, since the substantial number of Salonitan inscriptions have been found embedded in city walls;

– to make a digital distributional map of epigraphic spolia on the territory of central Dalmatia;

– to organize an international conference on epigraphic spolia.

For additional information please contact Dino Demicheli at

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