Epigraphy.info V (Leuven): Call for Preferred Dates

From Mark Depauw (for Trismegistos) and Tom Gheldof:

The Research Unit of Ancient History at Leuven University (KU Leuven) in coordination with the Epigraphy.info steering committee would like to suggest the following options for the next workshop in 2020:

1) October, 28th-30th
2) November, 4th-6th

Again the workshop will be preceded by a training (possibly a technical training in TEI or XTriples and a Trismegistos user session) and also by a welcome session to introduce the Epigraphy.info network to interested people and guests:

1) October, 26th-28th
2) November, 2th-4th

We kindly ask you to give your vote via the doodle link below until May, 10th 2020 in order to start the organisation:


We will take into account whatever the situation of COVID-19 will be by then and will take the appropriate measures. In case the international circumstances would prevent us to host the workshop safely in Leuven, we will provide an online alternative (videoconference) for it, but hopefully we can welcome you all in person in Leuven!

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