Contextualizing Magic (Rome, November 2009)

CALL FOR PAPERS: International conference on Contextualizing Magic”.

Rome, November 2009.

The Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, together with the Soprintendenza Speciale per i beni archeologici di Roma (Ministero per i beni e Attività culturali), is organising an international conference on ancient magic under the title “Contextualizing Magic”, to be held in Rome at the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme on 4-6th November 2009. The recent finds in the Fountain of Anna Perenna at Rome and in the joint temple of Isis and Mater Magna in Mainz have have produced important new information about magic rituals and their relation to religion in the Ancient World, and renewed interest in the contexts (archaeological, social, intellectual) of such rituals.

The Scientific Committee is formed, besides the organizers (Francisco Marco Simón, Marina Piranomonte and Richard Gordon), by A. Bottini (Director of the Soprintendenza Speciale per i beni archeologici di Roma ), R. Olmos Romera (Director of the Escuela Española de Historia y Arqueología in Rome), G. Piccaluga (Università della Sapienza, Roma) and  Ch. Faraone (University of Chicago). As the organizers of the event, we invite potential participants to submit proposals for papers, which will be scrutinised by the Scientific Committee. Please send the title and a summary of the proposed contribution (about 200-300 words) to the Secretary of the Congress:

Silvia Alfayé Villa (<>)
Departamento de Estudios Clásicos.
Universidad del País Vasco.
Vitoria/Gastéiz (España).

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  1. Note: the date of this conference is November 4-6, 2009, not 9-11 as previously advertised. (Although we don’t normally do this, I shall also change this date in the body of the post.)

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