Epigraphic Database in Hamburg

E-Mail: epigraphik@uni-hamburg.de
Datum: 24. April 2009

Dear colleagues,
The Institute for Ancient History of the University of Hamburg has been working on and preparing an epigraphic database over the past years, in which all Greek and Latin insc-riptions of several different regions from ancient Asia Minor are collected. Primarily the Hamburg epigraphic database fulfilled a supporting function in the wider context of the “PHI-Greek Epigraphy Project”, sponsored by the Packard Humanities Institute (PHI), which aims at creating an electronic corpus of all ancient Greek inscriptions and papyri. The Hamburg project now offers the results of the work to science gradually on a website of its own:


The database is enlarged continuously. At the moment several regions from the Roman province Galatia are available.

Hoping to arouse brisk interest, I remain with kind regards,

sgnd. Prof. Dr. Helmut Halfmann

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