Epigraphy Workshop, University of Oxford, Trinity Term 2009

[Updated programme, 28.04.2009]

An informal discussion group. Mondays, 1.00-2.00.

Venue: the first floor seminar room, Ioannou Classics Centre, 66 St Giles.

4 May: Matthew McCarty, “Describing dedicants: the votive epigraphy of Punic and Roman Tunisia”

11 May: Irene Salvo, “Romulus and Remus at Chios revisited: a re-examination of SEG XXX 1073”

18 May: Cynthia Shelmerdine, “Mycenaean Literacy”

25 May: Angelos Matthaiou, “Two Attic decrees reconsidered: Agora XVI 50 and IG II (2) 118″”

1 June: Fabienne Marchand, Albert Schachter, “New inscriptions from the Thespiai survey”

8 June: No meeting.

15 June: Boris Chrubasik, “The Decrees of [Eretria] and Chalkis (IG I[3] 39 and 40): New Readings, New Context?”

Convenors: Charles Crowther, Jonathan Prag.

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