Epigraphic titles received by BMCR (October)

Titles of possible interest to epigraphers exerpted from BMCR 2007.11.01 (received in October or still available from previous months):

*Breeze, David J., Roman Frontiers in Britain. Classical World Series. London: Bristol Classical Press, 2007. Pp. 103. $20.00 (pb). ISBN 978-185399-6986.

*Bresson, Alain, L’économie de la Grèce des cités (fin VIe-Ier siècle a.C.). I. Les structures et la production. Collection U. Histoire. Paris: Armand Colin, 2007. Pp. 264. (pb). ISBN 978-2-2002-6504-5.

*Canali De Rossi, Filippo, Filius Publicus. Huios tês Poleês e titoli affini in iscrzioni greche di età imperiale. Studi sul vocabolario dell’evergesia, 1. Roma: Herder Editrice e Libreria, 2007. Pp. xi, 272. EUR 40.00 (pb). ISBN 978-88-89670-24-8.

*Chioffi, Laura, La collezione epigrafica di Camillo Pellegrino a Casapulla. Roma: Edizioni Quasar, 2007. Pp. 45; figs. 31. EUR 16.50 (pb). ISBN 978-88-7140-338-X.

*Sidebotham, Steven E., and Willeke Wendrich (edd.), Berenike 1999/2000. Report on the Excavations at Berenike, including Excavations in Wadi Kalalat and Siket, and the Survey of the Mons Smaragdus Region. Cotsen Monographs, 56. Los Angeles: Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA, 2007. Pp. xix, 404; tbls. 30, figs. 171, pls. 206, maps 2. $40.00 (pb). ISBN 978-1-931745-28-4.

*Mitchell, Stephen, and Constantina Katsari (edd.), Patterns in the Economy of Roman Asia Minor. Swansea: The Classical Press of Wales, 2005. Pp. xii, 335. $79.50. ISBN 978-1-905125-02-9.

*Mattingly, David J. (ed.), The Archaeology of Fazzan. Volume 2, Site Gazetteer, Pottery and Other Survey Finds. Society for Libyan Studies Monograph 7. London: The Society for Libyan Studies and Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahariya Department of Antiquities, 2007. Pp. xxix, 522; figs. and tables. GBP 50.00. ISBN 978-1-900971-05-4.

*Schumacher, Leonhard (ed.), Corpus der rômischen Rechtsquellen zur antiken Sklaverei (CRRS). Teil VI. Stellung des Sklaven im Sakralrecht. Forschungen zur antiken Sklaverei, Beiheft 3. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag 2006. Pp. xxiii, 126. EUR 36.00. ISBN 978-3-515-08977-7.

*Eiteljorg, Harrison, II, and W. Fredrick Limp, Archaeological Computing. Bryn Mawr: Center for the Study of Architecture, 2007. Pp. 244.

*Herda, Alexander, Der Apollo-Delphinios-Kult in Milet und die Neujahrsprozession nach Didyma. Ein neuer Kommentar der sog. Molpoi-Satzung. Milesische Forschungen, 4. Mainz am Rhein: von Zabern, 2006. Pp. xiv, 543; ills. 22. EUR 65.00. ISBN 978-3-8053-3560-7.

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