Review of Scheid, Res Gestae Divi Augusti

Reviewed in BMCR 2007.10.40:

John Scheid, Res gestae divi Augusti. Hauts faits du divin Auguste. Paris: Les Belles Lettres, 2007. Pp. ccxxiv, 126; figs. 4. ISBN 978-2-251-01446-3. €49.00 (pb).

Reviewed by Josiah Osgood, Georgetown

In this detailed and critical review Osgood praises the thorough and perfectly up-to-date edition of the Res Gestae, a work that encapsulates the field and serves as a milestone for scholarship. Although he is not sparing of those occasional places where he feels Scheid’s analysis or references to secondary sources could be better (or could have diffrent emphasis), he summarises:

But however scholars choose to interpret Augustus’ Achievements, the task will now begin with Scheid’s outstanding edition. In reconstituting the text itself, above all, it represents a great advance.

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