New numismatics publications from Moneta

Georges Depeyrot writes to inform us of new volumes in the Moneta series:

In 2006, Moneta published 11 volumes (2714 pages, 37 plates of drawings and 138 plates of photos).

This year, Moneta published 10 volumes (2880 pages, 26 plates of drawings and 80 plates of

In 2008, about 11 or 12 new books will be published on coins, numismatics,
and monetary economy. The first ones will be devoted to the medieval and
modern coinage of Stavelot (Belgium), to the ancient coin finds in France,
Romania and in Poland, etc.

Moneta publishes books in various languages including French, English, and German.

The “e-papers” sections contents pdf documentation to be downloaded (Cohen,
old publications, informations, coin finds, etc.).

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