Seminars of interest to epigraphers: Manchester

The following seminar titles, selected by title only for potential epigraphic content, exerpted from an email to the British Classicists list:

University of Manchester, Dept of Classics & Ancient History Research Seminars 2007/8, Semester 1

All meetings begin at 5 pm in the Samuel Alexander Building (the old Arts Building), Room S. 1. 2. Everyone is most welcome, also at drinks after the discussion and at the meal with the speaker later on.

Thurs. 27 Sept.
Peter Liddel (Manchester)
‘The decree-cultures of ancient Greece’

Thurs. 4 Oct.
Angelos Chaniotis (Oxford)
‘Petrified emotions: Understanding graffiti in Aphrodisias’

Thurs. 29 Nov.
Kathryn Lomas (UCL)
‘Vicinitas: neighbourhoods, networks and identities in Ciceronian Italy’

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