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CIEGL XIII: Plenary Session 3, ‘Epigraphy and the Ancient Population’

The two lectures of this session dealt with (mostly Roman) demography and identity (mostly of rural Asia Minor). Walter Scheidel (Stanford), “Epigraphy and Demography: Birth, marriage, family and death”, presented an overview of the advances in demographic studies, mostly on … Continue reading

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CIEGL XIII: Thematic Panel 2.2, ‘The Epigraphy of Greek Cult’

Marijana Ricl (University of Belgrade), in “Neokoroi in the Greek World”, outlined the function of these cultic officials as temple wardens and sometimes as replacements for priests, drawing on a large number of inscriptions. She argued that in most contexts … Continue reading

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CIEGL XIII: Thematic Panel 1.2, ‘Greek Inscriptions and Warfare’

After an introduction by Patrick Bakker (Université de Laval, Québec), which gave a brief overview of this “old yet always new” subject, there were four speakers in this very diverse panel: Filippo Canali de Rossi (Liceo Scientifico Talete, Rome) gave … Continue reading

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CIEGL XIII: Thematic Panel 1.1, ‘Public Inscriptions of Classical and Hellenistic Athens: IG II3 and History, Chronology, Location’

The first thematic panel of Monday included communications on diplomatic (Lambert) and political (Scafuro) practice and chronology (Tracy). Simone Follet, who was also scheduled to offer a communication, was unable to attend. Stephen Lambert (Cardiff University), “The Shape of Athenian … Continue reading

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Revised indices to McLean’s Inscriptions from Konya Museum

An announcement from Stefan Krmnicek: I would like to announce an article relating to Greek and Roman epigraphy which has been published in the latest issue of the open access online-journal FeRA (Frankfurter elektronische Rundschau zur Altertumskunde / Frankfurt electronic … Continue reading

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CIEGL XIII: First Plenary Session, ‘Epigraphy and Religion’

The conference opened with a first plenary session which featured informative lectures by two prominent experts in the fields of Greek and Roman religion respectively. Robert Parker (New College, University of Oxford) offered an overview of the value of inscriptions, … Continue reading

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