Reflections on an epitaph (CIL I² 1211 = ILS 8403)

Sandrómaca, writing on the Miscellaena Classica blog, provides a text of, and offers some personal reflections on CIL I² 1211 (= ILS 8403), the epitaph of a Roman matron of the second century AD.

Noted by way of Antiquitatis Nuntii.

This inscription is also registered in the Epigraphik-Datenbank Clauss/Slaby (EDCS), but evidently not in EDH or EDR. Therein we find the following publication lemma:

CIL 06, 15346 (p 3517, 3913) = CIL 01, 01211 (p 970) = CLE 00052 = D 08403 = ILLRP 00973 = AE 2001, +00011

Hermann Dessau’s edition of this text can be viewed online (as an image) via the Google Books copy of Volume II, part 2 of his Inscriptiones Latinae Selectae. Searching in the book for the text number takes you directly to ILS 8403.

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  1. As observed before, viewing the whole text in Google Books is only possible from the US. Over here in the UK we can search and see a two-inch high slice of the page, but no more.

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