Conference: Electronic Corpora of Ancient Languages

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This event ought to be of interest to anyone involved in: EpiDoc publications; EAGLE and other databases; APIS and other papyrological corpora; digital or analogue linguistic study of documentary texts.

Electronic corpora of ancient languages

International Conference
Prague (Czech Republic), November 16-17th, 2007
Call for papers

Aims of conference

Electronic corpora of ancient languages offer important information about the culture and history of ancient civilizations, but at the same time they constitute a valuable source of linguistic information. The scholarly community is increasingly aware of the importance of computer-aided analysis of these corpora, and of the rewards it can bring. The construction of electronic corpora for ancient languages is a complex task. Many more pieces of information have to be taken into account than for living languages, e.g. the artefact bearing the text, lacunae, level of restoration, etc. The electronic corpora can be enriched with links to images, annotations, and other secondary sources. The annotations should deal with matters such as textual damage, possible variant readings, etc., as well as with many features specific to ancient languages.

Recent years have witnessed a considerable increase in electronic corpus construction for ancient languages, with the involvement of many institutions across the world. The time is ripe to see whether the experiences of scholars working on such projects can profitably be shared.


We invite submissions on all aspects of the construction of corpora of ancient languages, as well as on their use for different purposes. We especially welcome submissions on the linguistic use of these corpora, and their linguistic annotation.

Submissions proceedure

Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished work on the topic of the conference. Submission of an abstract is required first, for the review process. After presentation at the conference, the papers will be published. They will be required in final form for publication in January 2008.Abstracts in PDF format should be sent to not later than September 24th.

Important dates

September 24th — Submission deadline for abstracts
October 4th — Notification of acceptance
November 16th-17th — Conference held in Prague

Program committee

  • Jost Gippert (Frankfurt)
  • Hans Ch. Luschuetzky (Vienna)
  • Petr Vavroušek (Prague)
  • Petr Zemánek (Prague)

Organizing committee

  • Petr Zemánek (Prague)
  • Petr Vavroušek (Prague)
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