BES News ns 17 (Spring 2007)

The BES Newsletter for Spring 2007 has been circulated today. The newsletter is in PDF and back issues (from 9 through to 15) can be downloaded from The Contents for the current issue include:


News of members & other notices
Forthcoming Events, incl. AGM


BES 10th AGM
Cambridge Epigraphy Day
Joint BES / SPHS Meeting
Argos Archive Lecture, Oxford
BES Spring Colloquium

Society matters

BES Subscription and Gift Aid Forms

(Note: some of the reports have previously appeared in this blog.)

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2 Responses to BES News ns 17 (Spring 2007)

  1. C.P. says:

    But we’re in 2007 !

  2. Corrected. Thanks for noting that, C.P.! I was misled by the fact that the latest issue available for download seems to be ns 15.

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