Unpublished Roman Graffiti in basement of US Embassy

Mark Handley writes to the Late-Antique discussion list to ask:

Trawling the web looking for information on late antique graffiti I came across a project run out of the Swedish Institute at Rome on a building now in the basement of the American Embassy. This building has produced Christian and Jewish graffiti of Late Antique date which were being studied by Anna Blennow (see http://www.isvroma.org/projects/graffiti.html). I can not find any information on these (as far as I know unpublished) graffiti other than a short one page note in the US State Department’s Newsletter in September 2003 (see http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/23769.pdf at page 15).

Does anyone know more about these graffiti, or have the contact details for Anna Blennow? Any help greatly appreciated.

Do any CE readers have any information on these graffiti? Please reply either to Mark Handley, or leave a comment to this post.

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  1. Mark Handley says:

    The graffiti have now been published, along with other unpublished graffiti and several articles on graffiti in: O. Brandt, Ed., Unexpected Voices. The Graffiti in the Cryptoporticus of the Horti Sallustiani and Papers from a Conference on Graffiti at the Swedish Institute of Rome, Stockholm 2008.

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