BES Autumn Colloquium and AGM 2023

Saturday, 18 November 2023

Institute of Classical Studies, Senate House, London (r. G37) – in person only


Registration & Coffee

Andrea Raggi (Pisa) & Pierangelo Buongiorno (Macerata), A new imperial letter from southern Etruria

Chiara Battisti (Princeton), The heroised dead and the hero cult in eastern Macedonia and Thrace: Local and regional perspectives

Jean-Sébastien Balzat (Mariemont), New epigraphic documents from Roman Sparta

11.30 Coffee Break

Paweł Nowakowski (Warsaw), STONE-MASTERS: A new ERC-funded project exploring the world of stonecutters and mosaicists in Late Antiquity

Annie Burman (Uppsala), Epigraphy’s true colours: Polychromy and the development of laboratory analysis of paint pigment on paper squeezes

13.00 Lunch Break

14.30 AGM (Members only)

Federico Ugolini (Siena) & Deborah Cvikel (Haifa), Inscriptions from the timber of the Late Antique Ma‘agan Mikhael B shipwreck

Alfredo Tosques (Tübingen), The inscription of Frentrani and Hercules Nouritanus at Lilybaeum (AE 2016, 622 = I.Sicily 4368)

Evelien de Graaf (Leuven), Saskia Peels-Matthey & Silvia Stopponi (Groningen), Potential and challenges of AGILe, the first automatic lemmatizer for ancient Greek inscriptions

16.30 Coffee Break

Marco Dosi (KCL), The dissemination of Belisarius’ consulship in Ostrogothic Italy, AD 535

James Hua (Oxford), Speleopigraphy: The spatiality of inscriptions in ancient Greek caves, ritual, and social identities

18.00-18.15 Short Report
Benet Salway (UCL), A puzzling epitaph from Cyrenaica

18.15 Finale: Posters & Drinks

  • Charlotte Bell (Liverpool), Senātus Femina: A consideration of the epigraphic evidence for the female senate in Roman Britain
  • Thijs Kersten (Nijmegen), Religion and language selection in funerary inscriptions from Roman Imperial Syracusae and Catina, 1-500 CE
  • Giordana Franceschini (Tübingen), PPRET: Inscriptions pertaining to the Praetorian Prefects from 284 to 395 AD

Please register to attend the colloquium by emailing by 13 November 2023. 

There is a registration fee (£15 for ordinary participants; £10 for student participants; £8 for BES members; £5 for BES student members), which includes light refreshments during the day (tea, coffee & biscuits, but not lunch) and a glass of wine and nibbles at the end of the colloquium.

The Colloquium is generously supported by The Institute of Classical Studies.

More information about the Colloquium and the British Epigraphy Society can be found at this link.

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