Studying Written Artefacts: Hamburg, September 27–29 2023

Conference ‘Studying Written Artefacts: Challenges and Perspectives’ (Hamburg, 27-29 September 2023)

The Cluster of Excellence ‘Understanding Written Artefacts’ (Universität Hamburg) is glad to announce its main conference ‘Studying Written Artefacts: Challenges and Perspectives’. This is an in-person event. The conference will take place over three days of panel presentations structured in three parallel sessions, on 27–29 September 2023. It will provide a unique forum for sharing experiences and views among the international community working on written artefacts, showcasing pioneering research, and developing new ideas.

As for written artefacts we take the broad working definition of any artificial or natural object that have written or pictorial (visual) signs. This definition includes the traditional notion of manuscript, in all attested book forms, and inscription, and at the same time goes well beyond these broad categories. Mirroring the multifaceted research of the Cluster and encouraging a comparative perspective in geographical and chronological terms, the conference will draw attention to emerging research topics and innovative methodological approaches from within the humanities and natural and computer sciences. Contributions will focus, for instance, on the study of creation, transmission, and archiving of written artefacts; on single written artefacts important for their revealing features or their challenging typology and categorisation; on small and large scale theoretical reflections on written artefacts; on the ethical aspects of research on written artefacts.

The full programme and the link for registration can be found here:

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (

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