Review of The Greek and Latin Inscriptions of Ankara (Ancyra) 2

Noted in the latest issue of JRA:

  • Nowakowski, Paweł. “More than a Corpus of Inscriptions – S. Mitchell, and D. French. 2019. The Greek and Latin Inscriptions of Ankara (Ancyra) 2: Late Roman, Byzantine, and Other Texts. Vestigia 72. Munich: Verlag C. H. Beck. Pp. Viii + 347, 6 Figs. ISBN 978-3-406-73234-8.” Journal of Roman Archaeology 35, no. 2 (December 2022): 1069–76.

Thanks to exemplary efforts of M. & F., an important work is now completed. Readers certainly get more than a corpus of inscriptions: this is a new reference book for the history of a principal city in the age of transition between the Early and Middle Byzantine periods.

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