Online Workshop: Manuscripts at the Service of Epigraphy: Master Copies, Templates, and Other Exemplars in the Production of Pre-Modern Inscriptions (29 June)

Posted on behalf of Dr. Ondřej Škrabal (石安瑞), University of Hamburg, Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures

We would like to invite you to the on-line workshop “Manuscripts at the Service of Epigraphy: Master Copies, Templates, and Other Exemplars in the Production of Pre-Modern Inscriptions” hosted by the Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures, University of Hamburg. The workshop will take place on Tuesday, 29 June 2021, 10am–5pm CEST. Please register here to obtain the Zoom link. The full programme with abstracts is available here.



10:00–10:10am Kaja Harter-Uibopuu (Hamburg): Welcome and Opening Remarks

Chair: Ondřej Škrabal (Hamburg)

10:10–10:50am Christelle Alvarez (Berlin): Manuscripts, Templates, and Vorlage for the Inscription of Pyramid Texts in Ancient Egyptian Tombs

10:50–11:30am Rocío Da Riva (Barcelona): Models, Variants, and Versions in the Neo-Babylonian Royal Inscriptions: The Mistakes and Errors in the Brisa Rock Monuments of Lebanon

11:30–11:40am Coffee break                      

11:40am–12:20pm Michele Faraguna (Milan): The Materiality of Texts: From Stone Inscriptions to the Original Documents in the Epigraphy of Greek Poleis

12:20–01:00pm Peter Kruschwitz & Victoria González Berdús (Vienna): Connecting the Dots: Some Thoughts on the Spread and Diffusion of Recurring Carmina Latina Epigraphica

01:00–02:00pm Lunch Break                      

Chair: Peera Panarut (Hamburg)

02:00–02:40pm Annette Schmiedchen (Berlin): Vorlagen, Drafts, Templates: The Production of Royal Copper-plate Charters in India

02:40–03:20pm Claudia Wenzel (Heidelberg): Manuscripts and Buddhist Epigraphy in Medieval China

03:20–03:30pm Coffee Break                      

03:30–04:10pm Michel Lorrillard (Vientiane): Crossed Views on Epigraphic and Manuscripts Traditions in Laos

04:10–04:50pm Peera Panarut (Hamburg): Organising before Inscribing: Manuscripts as Master Copies of Inscriptions in the 19th Century Thailand

04:50–05:00pm General Discussion and Closing Remarks

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