Collection of Greek Ritual Norms (CGRN)

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Collection of Greek Ritual Norms (abbreviated CGRN):

The collection contains 222 inscriptions belonging to the category of so-called “sacred laws”, for which we have preferred the designation “ritual norms” (on this subject, see the programmatic introductory article found here: The texts included in the collection thus far concern the themes of sacrifice and purification. Each inscription is presented in an up-to-date published edition (occasionally, a new edition is offered), with information about its context, essential bibliography, French and English translations, and a detailed commentary. All of the files have been encoded in TEI-XML Epidoc, are fully searchable, and may be used and downloaded in Open Access.

The project behind the development of the CGRN, financed by the Fonds pour la recherche scientifique (F.R.S.-FNRS, Belgium) at University of Liège, is still ongoing. Updates to the website will be made on an annual basis. Additionally, a print-on-demand edition will soon become available on the website. The printing, sale and distribution of the work will be undertaken by Éditions De Boccard.

We are very interested in receiving your feedback about the CGRN at the following

Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge, Jan-Mathieu Carbon, Saskia Peels

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