BSR Postgraduate Epigraphy Course: Final call

The BSR Postgraduate Course in Epigraphy returns for a third time from 11-20 July 2016. This course will focus on ‘Inscriptions in Context’ considering epigraphy in both the archaeological, historical, virtual and museum environments in Rome. The course will offer practical experiences (rubbings, recording, publishing translations, and intro to EpiDoc) as well as more detailed research presentations by a number of leading scholars in the field. The application deadline is 31 January 2016.

Applicants are welcome to contact the course coordinator, Dr Abigail Graham:

A provisional syllabus and further particulars about the research proposal are on my staff page, as is a link to the BSR webpage and application.

The BSR course is taught back-to-back with a course offered by the American Academy in Rome. Each course can be enrolled in separately and stands independently, but instruction is coordinated so that participants enrolling in both courses will encounter little overlap and will benefit from a more complete introduction to the rich epigraphic heritage of the city of Rome. The application deadline for the AAR course is 31 January 2016. Full information on this course can be found on the AAR website:

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