AXON. A Selection of Greek Historical Inscriptions.

Posted on behalf of Stefania De Vido


The scientific team of the Greek Epigraphy Laboratory of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice presented in Milan (SAEG IV, 14-16 January 2015) the epigraphic project, “AXON. A Selection of Greek Historical Inscriptions”, a tool for study and research completely missing from the Italian scene. This project was conceived within the Greek Epigraphy Laboratory itself, which is meant to be its scientific and operational headquarters.

Documents will be considered dating from the birth of the polis in the Archaic Age to 31 BC: these chronological boundaries ensure contextual homogeneity and correspond to the conventional definition of ‘Greek history’. Furthermore, texts will be selected according to a broader notion of ‘historical’ inscription, which includes those documents relevant not only for their political and institutional contents, but also for the social as well as cultural issues they display. A first selection of inscriptions – 80 to 100 texts from the 8th to the 2nd centuries BC – will be published along with thorough critical apparatus as well as a ‘genetic’ lemma, Italian translation, and commentary (Carocci editore, ed. by C. Antonetti and S. De Vido).

In the meantime, a database is being brought into existence, in order to offer a potentially ever growing online edition of a wider selection of documents, provided with complete lemma and critical apparatus, Italian translation, commentary, and updated bibliography; this digital anthology will be progressively improved by scholars, and will be freely accessible. Nowadays academics have several high-standard epigraphic databases at their disposal: our database, homogeneous as it is with the major ones from a conceptual point of view, will nonetheless contribute to the international panorama by helping provide a shared epigraphic vocabulary, as well as offering the scholarly world a SEG-derived widely implemented bibliography, and accurate indexing.

In conclusion, “AXON” aims to establish a long-term synergy between Italian and foreign epigraphists and historians, beyond disciplinary boundaries, involving experts in language, dialects, and archaeology, in order to create a tool bound to prove useful for a wide range of potential users.

For further information, please visit our web-site or ask to our e-mail address:

Scientific Director of the Greek Epigraphy Laboratory, DSU Ca’ Foscari: Prof. Claudia Antonetti

Project Coordinator (Progetto di Ricerca d’Ateneo 2013): Stefania De Vido

Scientific team: Silvia Palazzo, Michela Socal, Luigi Tessarolo

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