Epigraphic Saturday (update)

Held by Joyce Reynolds at the Faculty of Classics in Cambridge, Saturday 18 May 2013.

10.30    Coffee

11.00    Joyce Reynolds will present a number of problematic inscriptions from Cyrenaica, notably a document of 67 BC which appears to talk of some kind of Roman provincial census, a mid-first century BC inscription dealing with civic honours, and a group of Jewish inscriptions involving the or an amphitheatre.

13.00    Lunch

14.15    Four short papers:
Irina Levinskaya, ‘A new inscription from the Black Sea’
Margaret Williams, ‘The Jewish inscriptions of Hierapolis’
Michael Crawford, ‘The Emperor Tiberius and the epigraphy of Umbria’
Benet Salway, ‘The fate of the Roman milestone in late antiquity’

16.00    Tea

If you have not already done so, could you please let Michael Crawford know if you are coming, so that we may have an idea of numbers: imagines.italicae@sas.ac.uk

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