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From Laura Löser:

Dear all,
Exciting things are happening in the realms of EpiDoc. Since Thursday, you can find EpiDoc on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EpiDoc
First of all, if you are not a member of Facebook, worry not: any information that we publish on our Facebook page will also reach the Markup List. However, the page was established in order to keep anyone, whether just interested in learning more or established member of the EpiDoc community, up to date with current events and developments in an informal setting.
If you ‘like’ the page, you can show support for EpiDoc and share our news with your friends. Thus, you can make a contribution to promoting the benefits of EpiDoc, which may enlarge our community and thus increase the number of helping hands in the list – we shall regulargy encourage our followers to join the Markup List and make joining less ‘scary’, especially for students and younger scholars to widen access and outreach and raise awareness.



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