Inscriptions from Libya

An announcement from Charlotte Roueché, Catherine Dobias-Lalou and Lucia Criscuolo:

We are delighted to announce a new project to develop and co-ordinate research on the Greek and Roman epigraphy of Libya. The collaborative undertaking involves scholars at King’s College London (Centre for Hellenic Studies and Department of Digital Humanities), the Universities of Bologna and Macerata, and the University of Paris IV–Sorbonne (Centre de recherche sur la Libye Antique).

We propose to develop a publication portal for several digital corpora of inscriptions from Libya. The Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania (IRT) were republished in 2009; the first volume of Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica (IRCyr) is scheduled for publication in 2011; the Greek Inscriptions of Cyrenaica are under preparation (IGCyr). All these corpora are prepared in EpiDoc. The portal will offer access to all these publications; it will provide a common bibliography, a shared search facility, shared indices, and draw on a shared geographic database. It is our hope that other scholars publishing material from Libya will make use of this opportunity to present their material.

Multiple language versions of this announcement can be found at Sito Italiano di Epigrafia Greca.

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