Call For Papers: ASGLE 2012 APA Panel, 5-8 January, Philadelphia, PA

Bilingual Inscriptions and Cultural Interaction in the Greco-Roman World

Organized by Nora Dimitrova, Stephen V. Tracy and Paul Iversen

Bilingual inscriptions are among the most exciting archaeological discoveries in the complex crossroads of civilizations and ethnicities that constituted the Greco-Roman world. Bilingual inscriptions can help decipher a new language and are of particular importance in reconstructing various aspects of cultural interaction – from personal expressions of religious worship or metrical epitaphs to official documents published throughout the Roman Empire. They reveal which language was better known in a certain community, the level of literacy in different social strata, the terminology of public administration, the specifics of local idiom, and many other facets of cultural history.

The American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy welcomes papers that discuss bilingual inscriptions in the Greco-Roman world. We are interested in selecting a group of papers that treat a broad variety of topics and exemplify the interdisciplinary nature of epigraphy.

Abstracts will be adjudicated anonymously by a committee of ASGLE and should not be longer than one page. See the ASGLE APA Panel Webpage for directions on how to submit an abstract. The deadline is February 1, 2011.

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