Latin on Stone: epigraphic research and electronic archives

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Feraudi-Gruénais, Francisca (ed.), Latin on Stone: epigraphic research and electronic archives, Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield), 2010. Pp. xvii + 174. ISBN 978-0-7391-4590-6. $60.00.

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Table of Contents

Sarolta A. Takács


Chapter 1. Latin in Stone: Epigraphy and Databases
Francisca Feraudi-Gruénais

Part I. Epigraphic Research and (Electronic) Technologies

Chapter 2. Epigraphy and Technology in the Renaissance: The Impact of the Printing Press
William Stenhouse

Chapter 3. Rome in Pompeii: Wall Inscriptions and GIS
Rebecca R. Benefiel

Chapter 4. The Epigraphic Habit in Late Antiquity: An Electronic Archive of Late Roman Inscriptions Ready for Open Access
Christian Witschel

Part II. Electronic Archives of Inscriptions

Chapter 5. EpiDoc: Epigraphic Documents in XML for Publication and Interchange
Gabriel Bodard

Chapter 6.EDR: History, Purpose, and Structure
Silvia Evangelisti

Chapter 7. Ancient Magic through an Electronic Database
Amina Kropp

Chapter 8. An Inventory of the Main Electronic Archives of Latin Inscriptions
Francisca Feraudi-Gruénais

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