Call for Papers: Voprosy epigrafiki

Contributions are invited for the vol. 4 of the Voprosy epigrafiki [Problems of Epigraphy] collection. Articles submitted before 31 August 2009 will be considered.

The Voprosy epigrafiki series is published since 2006 under the aegis of the Dmitry Pozharsky private university in Russia. Second volume has been published in 2008 and vol. 3 is forthcoming. Contributions by Russian and foreign scholars on the wide range of sub-disciplines of epigraphy (Ancient Near East, Greco-Roman, Mesoamerican, Muslim, Slavonic and Old Russian) from the most ancient inscribed monuments to the Modern age are invited. Articles in Russian, English, German and French are accepted.

The editorial board consists of Prof. A.I. Ivantchik (Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Sciences), Prof. L.A. Beliaev, Prof. D.V. Deopik, Prof. O.L. Gabelko, Prof. S.Yu. Saprykin (Chair of Ancient History Department, Moscow State University). The editor-in-chief is Dr A.G. Avdeev (St Tikhon’s Orthodox University).

Further information on the series and its editorial conventions is available from the editor-in chief,

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