Amicitia and isopoliteia in the Spanish NW gold mining district

Inés Sastre and her colleagues from the CSIC (the Spanish National Research Council) have circulated the announcement of the discovery of a new bronze tessera hospitalitis dated by the consuls of 27 A.D. The piece was dug up some months ago during archaeological work in a small settlement beside a gold mine close to Pino del Oro, Zamora, where only two unconnected fragments with parts of the dating and the pact were found. The agreement deals with the renewal of [hospitium], amicitia and isopoliteia between an ignotum and the civitas Bletisama.

Inés also tells that a full study of the document will be shortly published in ZPE; meanwhile, she sent this booklet from which I am extracting this information:

  • Inés Sastre, Alejandro Beltrán, Fco. Javier Sánchez Palencia, Damián Romero, El bronce de El Picón – Pino de Oro, Zamora. Madrid 2009 [ISBN 978-84-00-08761-6].

She also has called for a one-day meeting to be held in her institute in Madrid on April 1st to discuss the new find. For more information, write her or Alejandro Beltrán.

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