British Epigraphic seminars, Spring 2009

Tuesday 3 February, 5.00pm
Room C6 Archaeology & Classics Building
Angelos Chaniotis (Oxford)
Listening to stones: orality and emotions in ancient inscriptions.

Thurs. 12 February, 5pm
Samuel Alexander Building, Room S.1.7., Manchester
Simon Corcoran (UCL)
The Code of Justinian: a sixth-century life

Wednesday February 18th, 3pm
Room 101, Parkinson building, University of Leeds
Lene Rubinstein (Royal Holloway University of London)
Forgive and Forget: amnesty in the Hellenistic Greek Cities

Monday 2 March 2009
Humanities Building, room 4.45, Cardiff University
Dr Suzanne Turner (Cardiff)
Absent presences on classical Attic grave stelai

Wednesday 18 March, 5.30pm [Ritson room, University of Durham]
Dr Nigel Kennell (Athens)
The aftermath of the ephebate? The neoi in the Hellenistic Greek city

Wednesday April 22nd, 3pm
Room 101, Parkinson building, University of Leeds
Michael Fulford (Reading), Geoffrey Dannell, Brenda Dickinson, and Rosemary Wilkinson (Leeds)
The ‘Names on Terra Sigillata’ project

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