A new Latin inscription to Hercules from Sicily

David Meadows notes a report in Marsalace (“Ritrovata un epigrafe in lingua latina nel parco archeologico di Capo Boeo: ieri la presentazione al Baglio Anselmi”, 27 March 2008) regarding the discovery of a Latin inscription to Hercules, likely to have originated in a temple but discovered in conditions of reuse in Marsala (ancient Lilybaeum = BAtlas 47 A3).

CurEp readers with more information on this find, the content of the text, or photos are encouraged to post details or links in a comment.

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  1. Jonathan Prag says:

    This inscription is now published by Carmine Ampolo, in:
    C. Ampolo, ‘Il culto di Ercole a Lilibeo: un nuovo documento dei rapporti tra genti e culture diverse nella Sicilia occidentale’, in ‘Mare Internum. Archeologia e culture del Mediterraneo’ 8 (2016), 21-37.
    An initial online version has been drafted at:

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