Corpus of Attic Vase Inscriptions online

As announced via AIEGL, a preliminary version of Henry Immerwahr’s Corpus of Attic Vase Inscriptions has been made available online as a downloadable PDF. In a preface to this version, Immerwahr states:

This corpus is simply a collection of notes taken over the years from publications and illustrations, with some autopsy where possible. It is not complete, nor is it a finished product, and the information has to be used with caution. It has been made available by circulating hard copy in a few places and by CD’s distributed individually. The Beazley Archive in Oxford has made extensive use of it, but without giving the corpus numbers. Since these have been quoted in a number of articles, I thought it only fair to make it generally available as a website. I have made a minimal revision; Rudolf Wachter is preparing a more thoroughly revised version.

The use of Courier font makes this publication a little ugly, but the content will no doubt be useful to many, especially for reference and citation purposes. I should welcome clarification on two points, however:

  1. What are the license terms of this publication? Can I print this document and circulate it among my colleagues and/or students? Can I copy the file and post it to my website or blog (with full attribution, of course)? Can I cite the commentary that appears within it? (See Creative Commons for a suggested means of specifying these terms in a legally-binding way.)
  2. What is the long-term status of this version of the file? Will it be permanently archived at this address (or, better, in a digital repository somewhere)? Will it still exist in this form when Wachter’s full edition appears (presumably on paper)?

[Postscript: after the first 33 pages of this huge file there appears to be a technical problem with the PDF, and 2146 blank pages follow.]

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2 Responses to Corpus of Attic Vase Inscriptions online

  1. Daniel Riaño says:

    Looks like the PDF problem is gone already. This edition of CAVI may be preliminary but it is certainly not “a collection of notes taken over the years” but 2179 pages of hard work and fine scholarship free for all the classicists. See for Rudolf Wachter’s comments on the protohistory of the project. The fact that the contents can be extracted and printed make even more pertinent GB’s remarks about the necessity to state clearly the license terms of the publication. Thanks be given to prof.Immerwahr

  2. Henry Immerwahr says:

    Sorry I had not noticed the comments on my CAVI earlier. CAVI is not subject to licensing. Anyone can copy it. It is not finished enough to be licensed.
    At present it is located on the website that has my e-mail, an unsatisfactory situation. Negotiations are in progress to find a more secure location. What its status will be after Wachter produces his improved version is unclear. My main reason for putting it out quickly was the fact that its item numbers have been cited in a number of articles, both by me and by others

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