Cholodniak 1897: Carmina sepulcralia latina

Iohannes Cholodniak (I I Kholodniak), Carmina sepulcralia latina, Petropoli, Typis academicis, 1897, OCLC 24469385.

Digitized July 19, 2006:

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5 Responses to Cholodniak 1897: Carmina sepulcralia latina

  1. Georgy Kantor says:

    This (and some others you list) seems not to be available in full-text
    from the UK.

  2. I don’t know what’s happened to the U Michigan URL, but that redirects to a non-existent address. The problem with the Google Books link seems to be that because of differing copyright laws in the US and the UK, Google have not made the full texts of most of their titles available outside of North America (tested by IP address, I believe), so over this side of the Atlantic we lose out. This happens whether or not the title is in fact out-of-copyright in Britain, since checking for this in each individual case is apparently too labour-intensive at the moment. I’m still hoping that the Google will come up with a fix sooner rather than later.

  3. Tom Elliott says:

    I’ll try to figure out what’s happened with the UMich URL.

  4. Tom Elliott says:

    At 21:00 UTC from a coffeehouse in Huntsville Alabama I was able to connect to every UMich book URL included in one of the mbooks posts (and get accessed to the scanned version and so forth). I would be grateful if someone in the UK could double-check some of these to see if it was a momentary problem or evidence of some access restriction. Thanks.

  5. The URL redirects to (which when I tried it last weekend gave a “domain not found” error). Now this page loads from here (academic domain in the UK), but sadly rather than full-text I get the following message:

    This item is keyword searchable only.

    Use the search box to find frequency and location of specific words and phrases.

    Page images and full text of this item are not available due to copyright restrictions. (Why?)

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