Seminars of interest to epigraphers (Newcastle, Lampeter, London)

University of Newcastle (4 pm, Armstrong Meeting Room, 2nd floor Armstrong Building):

8 November 2007: Prof. R. R. R. Smith (Lincoln College, Oxford)
Sarcophagi and Citizenship at Aphrodisias in Caria

28 February 2008: Prof. Alan K. Bowman (Brasenose College, Oxford)
The Integration of the Roman Economy

University of Lampeter (6pm, Burgess Lecture Room, Department of Classics):

Thursday 17 January, 2008: Dr Peter Liddel (Manchester University)
‘The Decree-Cultures of Ancient Greece’

University of London (17.15, Room NG16, Senate House):

Tues October 23rd 2007: Vedia Izzet (Southampton)
Women and the Romanization of Etruria

Tues November 20th 2007: Federico Russo (Pisa)
Rome between Latins and Greeks: the idea of consanguinitas in Ancient Italy

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