The Culture of Water in Roman Baetica

A post at Noticias de Historia Antigua alerted us to Amalia Rodríguez’s piece, “La Cultura del agua en la Bética Romana” (Anadlucía Investiga, 11 June 2007), which details the newly funded cartographic and epigraphic study:

Researchers in the Ancient History program at the University of Cádiz are studying the influence of water in the development of the cities that constituted Roman Baetica. For this study, these experts will map the remains of structures and inscriptions that still survive in the old Roman cities, thanks to a grant of €160,000 granted by the Council of Innovation, Science and Industry [trans: TE].

At the end of the substantial article, persons interested in more information are encouraged to contact:

Lázaro Lagóstena Barrios, responsable del proyecto
Departamento de Historia, Geografía y Filosofía
Facultad de Filosofía y Letras
Universidad de Cádiz
Telf.: 956 01 58 72


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