Epigraphy in ArchBulg 10 (2006)

Archaeologia Bulgarica, vol. 10 (2006) has been published. Articles of epigraphic interest (per the online table of contents) include:

  • M. Ivanov and I. Topalilov, “Two New Roman Grave Reliefs from Philippopolis” (10.1)
  • M. Manov, “Die Inschriften auf den Silbergefässen und dem Bronzehelm von Seuthes III. aus dem Grabhügel Goljama Kosmatka” (10.3)
  • E. Peeva and N. Sharankov, “A 1st Century AD Roman Helmet with Inscriptions” (10.1)
  • N. Sharankov, “A Military Diploma of 7 March 70 AD for Legio II Adiutrix ” (10.2)
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