The A.I.E.G.L. Scientific Committee approved the President’s and Bureau’s proposal to award two prizes for epigraphic publications at the next International Epigraphic Conference in Oxford: one will be awarded to a work in the field of Greek epigraphy, the other to a work in the field of Latin epigraphy. Each prize will consist of 3000 Swiss Francs.

The prizes are reserved to works almost ready for publication but not published yet. The works may consist in a corpus of inscriptions or in a study essentially concerned with epigraphic material; the prizes intend to support young researchers and therefore authors must be under age 40 when they submit their works.

The complete manuscripts should be sent in two copies, by registered mail and by the end of March 2007, to the Secretary general (Prof. Angela Donati, Dipartimento di Storia Antica, Via Zamboni, 38, I-40126 Bologna), together with a letter of recommendation by a member of A.I.E.G.L. and a letter of acceptance written by the editor of a scientific series or from a publishing house.

The Bureau will appoint two Committees of specialists, who will examine the works and will appoint the winners; the prizes will be awarded during the meeting of the A.I.E.G.L. which will be held in Oxford on September 7th, 2007; the works, once published, should acknowledge the financial support of A.I.E.G.L.

Manuscripts will not be returned.

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